Can You Afford a Ransomware Attack?

Detect + Respond is your best defense against ransomware

According to the FBI, more than 4,000 ransomware attacks have occurred on average daily since 2016. Ransomware has cost businesses an estimated $10 billion per year recently and has been attacking businesses of all industries and sizes – immobilizing cities, schools, and hospitals among others. The threat of ransomware to businesses is very real – and the damage can be devastating.

To help protect your business from these threats, choose a solution that offers more protection than standard antivirus. Detect + Respond is an endpoint detection & response solution (EDR) solution that helps organizations detect, block and recover from attacks, all backed by 24x7 Security Operations Center team.

More often than not, Detect + Respond will keep ransomware and malware out - but if something gets past it, Detect + Respond can restore encrypted files to a previous point quickly and easily.

In this video demo we’ll show you how the solution is able to successfully roll back a user’s computer to a pre-infected state.

Watch the demo to learn how Detect + Respond works and see it in action against a real threat.

See Detect + Respond in Action

Watch the Demo Video